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Dr. Mónica Troncoso Schifferlli

Dra. Mónica Troncoso Schifferlli is a Paediatric Neurology Senior Consultant and is Director of the Children's Neuropsychiatry Service of the Hospital Clinico San Borja Arriarán and Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile which is the largest paediatric neurology centre in Chile.  She obtained her medical degree at the Austral University of Chile and her Residence Training in Child Neurology at the University of Chile. She also holds a Diploma in Health Institutions Management and in Health Sciences Education from Universidad de Chile. Her clinical and research interests are based on a broad range of different aspects of paediatric neurology, such as for example Neurodevelopmental Disorders and autism. 

She has extensive experience in the training and instruction of specialists in paediatric neurology, in her role as head of the Children's Neuropsychiatry Service of the San Borja Arriarán Clinical Hospital, a national referral center in the specialty and autism. She is the author and co-author of various publications and key notes in national and international conferences and research journals. She has also attended different post residence training Fellowships at the Service Neuropediatría Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, ​​Spain and at the Robert Debré Hospital, Service de Neurologie Maladies Métabolique Assitance Publique Hospitaux de Paris, France.